Troubleshooting for Your Swift UV

If you are having trouble with your Swift UV unit, please see the following solutions. 

Unit does not power on
Check that the power cable is securely in place, that the power switch is in the "ON" position (I), and the fuse on the inside of the Swift UV located in the power inlet receptacle is not blown. A replacement fuse is provided within the inlet receptacle holder.

Unexpected display or control panel behavior
Power cycle the unit off/on.

Obstruction in disinfection chamber
See section "Accessing the Inside of the Disinfection Chamber" and "Cleaning the Inside of the Disinfection Chamber".

Retrieving phone from the unit in the event of a loss of power
Rotate the knob located on the lower left of the unit clockwise until the phone is elevated out go the opening at the top. If unable to rotate the knob, see steps for "Obstruction in disinfection chamber" above to open the chamber and retrieve the phone.

There is a slight vibration within the device
Ensure the two thumb screws on the right side of the disinfection chamber are tightly secured. Ensure the two black plastic push pins on the left side of the disinfection chamber are fully seated. Ensure the the two recessed Phillips screws on the right side of the main housing are tightly secured.