Important Safety Instructions


Please note the warning and information labels on the device.

CAUTION: This device emits high-intensity ultraviolet radiation. This device has been designed to contain UV exposure. To avoid eye and skin exposure do not attempt to make modifications to the device or attempt to look directly at the UV source while it is in operation. UV light can cause discoloration with continuous exposure to plastic devices that are white or light in color.

WARNING: For continued protection against the risk of fire, replace only with a fuse of the specified type and current ratings.

CAUTION: Double pole/neutral fusing.

Connect only to grounded (earthed) receptacle.

Do not use outdoors or on wet surfaces.

Install the power cable in such a way that it will not be stepped on, tripped over, damaged, or crushed in any way.

Have damaged power cables replaced immediately.

Make sure that there is always free access to the socket used or to the electrical circuit-breakers of the building installation.

In case of an emergency (i.e. damaged cabinet, control or power cables, liquid or foreign objects in the device) take the following steps:
Deactivate the device immediately by (1) disconnecting the plug connectors of the power supply cable from the grounded receptacle in the building installation; switching off the main on/off switch on the power distributor (2) switching off the automatic circuit-breaker or removing the fuse inset from the fuse holder in the distribution box of the building installation.

Use the device only as described in the manual.

The power supply cord is considered the main power disconnect device for this product. The product should be installed so that it is easy to disconnect the power supply cord if it is necessary to remove it from mains power.

Any service must be performed by an authorized service representative.

Unauthorized opening of the device or repair work carried out improperly could result in considerable danger to the user and could void your warranty.

In case of noncompliance, ReadyDock, Inc. dba iCleanse excludes all liability.