Setting Up Your Swift 5x

Learn how to enter Admin Mode to manage Admin and User PINs

Administrator Mode

Administrator mode allows the user to add and remove adminstrator and user PINs as well as set up the Auto-Locking system.

To enter admin mode:
Step 1: Turn the unit on.
Step 2: Press and continue to hold the "+" key while entering the admin PIN. The default PIN is 1234.
Step 3: To exit admin mode, press and hold the "-" key and enter the admin PIN. Admin mode will also exit after 60 seconds of inactivity.


PIN Management

There are two types of PINs stored in the iCleanse's memory — administrator PIN's and user PINs. The unit must be in admin mode to make these changes.

User PIN: Lock and Unlock unit (maximum of 16 four-digit PINs)
Administrator PIN: Make system changes, add and remove users and add and remove administrators (maximum of 4, four-digit PINs)


While in admin mode you can:

  • Add an admin PIN by entering "++XXXX" and delete by entering "--XXXX" (XXXX to be replaced by your desired 4-digit PIN
  • Add a user PIN by entering "+XXXX" and delete by entering "-XXXX"
  • Delete all user PINs by entering "+99" (this will not delete admin PINs)