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Recommended Cleaning Procedure for your Swift 5x

Prior to cleaning:

  • IMPORTANT! Power off equipment AND unplug.
    For the Swift 5x: Make sure the unit is unlocked prior to powering off.
  • Remove any unwanted material from the disinfecting area.


  1. Open the tray you wish to clean.

  2. Using an alcohol (or disinfectant) wipe or cloth with 70% ethanol to water
    solution, wipe down the following drawer components. Make sure that NO SOLUTION drips within the unit as it may cause damage.
    1. Drawer front
    2. Inner handle
    3. Basket
    4. Base of tray

  3. Do not clean the rail sliding system on the underside of the tray as it could
    damage the rail and impact the functionality of the drawer.

  4. Continue to wipe each surface until it is free of any unwanted matter. If streaks
    are left behind, use generic glass cleaner on a cloth to remove.

  5. If any staining is present on the reflective tray surfaces, a cloth soaked in distilled white vinegar may be placed over the affected area for 20 minutes at a time. Do not use steel wool or other abrasives as this will alter the reflective properties of the tray surface!
  6. For some tray configurations, it may be easier to clean if the basket is removed, you can do so by removing the tray from the unit, which can be done by fully opening the tray and releasing the tabs that secure the slide rail(s) on the tray bottom to the rail(s) inside the unit and then carefully removing the Philips screws retaining the basket on the underside of the tray.

  7. IMPORTANT! When cleaning the screen: Use a lint-free cloth or wipes
    and spray a 70% ethanol to water solution into the cloth or wipe to clean glass. DO NOT spray liquid directly into the displays.

  8. IMPORTANT! Ensure that ALL surfaces are dry before plugging in and powering up the unit.

  9. Once the unit is dry, plugin and turn on the unit.

  10. Without any devices in the unit, do a full unit disinfect cycle.
    For the 5x: Hold down the “START” button until the unit locks.
    This should take a little over 5 minutes for all 5 drawers. Once complete, open then close the top drawer to return the lamp assembly to the home position.
    For Swift, Swift Mini, or Swift XL: Press the start button on the screen.

  11. After a full cycle, your unit is ready to disinfect devices.