Swift, Swift XL, and Swift Mini Indicators

iCleanse Swift Units have a touch screen interface that helps you easily identify the status of your unit.

iCleanse Swift units include an intuitive touch-screen interface that visibly shows the status of the device and if there are any errors. The screen will turn off after one minute of idle use. To wake the unit back up, touch anywhere on the screen, or open the drawer.

Initializing: The lamps are warming up to start the disinfection cycle.

Disinfecting: The unit is in the middle of a disinfection cycle.

Drawer Open: The drawer is not fully shut. To continue with the cycle, please ensure the drawer is fully shut.

Disinfection Complete: The disinfection cycle is complete and you can now open the drawer and remove your device.

Disinfection Not Complete: The disinfection cycle was interrupted, by opening the drawer. Close the drawer and restart the cycle.

Replace Lamps: The lamps have met their 4,000 cycle lifespan and must be replaced in order to disinfect.

Lamp Fault: This could mean that the lamps are not accurately in place. Double-check that the lamps are installed correctly.