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Lamp Status, Lamp Replacement, and Resetting the Lamp Cycle Counter

Each set of lamps has a lifespan of 4,000 cycles. 

When lamps reach 500 cycles remaining, the Service lamps light will turn on.

When there are 0 cycles remaining you can no longer run a disinfection cycle. Watch this how-to video to learn how to replace your lamps.


Resetting the lamp cycle counter

After replacing the lamps follow this procedure to reset the lamp cycles to 4,000.

Step 1:  Hold “+” and enter 1234” on the keypad.

Step 2: You will hear a beep along with the “ADMIN MOSE” light illuminating on the front panel.

Step 3: Enter “+77+0000” on the keypad.

Step 4: You should hear a beep and see the “SERVICE LAMPS” light on the front panel turn off.

Step 5: Hold “-” and enter “1234” on the keypad.

Step 6: You will hear a beep along with the “ADMIN MODE” light on the front panel turning off.

Step 7: Switch off the unit and turn it back on after 5 seconds.