Lamp Status and Lamp Replacement

Each set of lamps has a lifespan of 4,000 cycles. The bottom right corner of the main screen indicates the number of cycles left.

When lamps reach 500 cycles remaining, an warning-icon-1  icon will appear as a reminder that new lamps will be needed.

When there are 0 cycles remaining, “Replace Lamps” will display and you can no longer run a disinfection cycle. To learn how to replace your lamps watch this how-to video.

After lamps have been replaced, you will need to reset the lamps in the settings menu. To do this, access the settings menu from the main screen by tapping the gear icon in the bottom left corner. Type in your 4-digit passcode (or the default passcode — 1234) and tap “Enter”. 

Once in the settings menu, tap “Lamp Replacement”, type in today’s date (mmddyyyy) and tap “Confirm”. 

The lamp counter will be successfully reset and you can begin a disinfection cycle.