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Swift 5x Guidelines for Use

Non-Critical Devices: iCleanse Swift units should be used on devices classified as non-critical. “Non-Critical” medical devices are devices that are in contact with unbroken skin only. 

General Purpose Disinfection: Is described as a germicide intended to process non-critical medical devices and equipment surfaces. Germicide is an agent that kills germs, like pathogenic microorganisms.

Cleaning vs Disinfecting: iCleanse Swift units’ germicidal light will not penetrate dirt and grime, therefore it is highly recommended that you still periodically clean your devices. Cleaning is not disinfecting and vice versa.

Lamp Recycling: Please visit www.lamprecycle.org for information on recycling your lamps after use.

Expectations: Due to the progressive application of UV-C light, your devices being disinfected may experience color change over time.

Power Cord: Do not store the power cord inside the unit as it may cause damage to the inside of the unit.