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Financing through CIT

A brief overview of how the process of financing through CIT works.

  1. Customer Applies – Goes into an auto decision (approved or declined) or goes into manual review with a CIT underwriter. CIT will always dig into declines to see if they can overturn or try a syndicate partner. The manual review takes up to 1 business day usually but often happens sooner. Roughly 60% of apps are auto decisions.
  2. If approved – CIT collects quote or invoice from an iCleanse Sales Executive then review terms with the customer. If the customer likes terms, CIT can send DocuSign or PDF docs to print and scan back.

  3. Once documents are signed –  CIT funding reviews the file to see if they need anything else from the customer or iCleanse — usually just the final invoice. CIT will need all signed documents and a voided business check/driver’s license from the customer.


To begin the application process for financing click here.