Assembling the Floor Stand

Step 1: Lay the vertical stand on top of the shipping box with the iCleanse logo facing up (Figure 01.).

figure-01Figure 01.

Step 2: Take the baseplate marked “R”  and align it to the right side of the stand, also marked with an “R”.

Step 3: Use two of the provided 5/8” long flat head hex screws to securely attach the right baseplate to the vertical stand (Figure 02.).

figure-02Figure 02.

Step 4: Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for the left side of the baseplate.

Step 5: Once both baseplates are secure, stand the unit upright.

Step 6: To install the corner braces, remove the pre-installed 5/16" long button head hex screws on each side of the stand. Line up the two holes on each brace with the two holes on each side of the stand and secure with the previously removed screws (Figure 03.). 

Figure 03.

Note: The wider part should be flush to the bottom of the stand.