Admin Mode

Admin mode allows the user to create and change pass codes for admins and users as well as reset the lamp counter.

Entering Admin Mode

Step 1: Turn the unit on.

Step 2: Press and continue to hold the “+” key while entering the admin PIN. The default PIN is 1234.

Step 3: To exit admin mode, press and hold the “-” key and enter the admin PIN. Admin mode will also exit after 60 seconds of inactivity.


PIN Management

There are two types of PINs stored in the iCleanse’s memory — administrator PINs and user PINs. The unit must be in admin mode to make these changes.

User PIN: Lock and Unlock unit (maximum of 16 four-digit PINs)

Administrator PIN: Make system changes, add and remove users and administrators (maximum of 4, four-digit PINs)


Adding and deleting PIN’s

Add an admin PIN by entering admin mode, then entering “++XXXX” and delete by entering “--XXXX” (XXXX to be replaced by your desired 4-digit PIN)

Add a user PIN by entering “+XXXX” and delete by entering “-XXXX”

Delete all user PINs by entering “+99” (this will not delete the admin PINs)