Troubleshooting for your Swift, Swift XL, and Swift Mini

If you are having trouble with your Swift unit, please see the following solutions.

The display indicates the drawer is open while closed
Open the drawer and check for any obstructions in the bay. Close the drawer and check that the main screen is displayed.


Drawer won't close (visibly)
Clear any obstructions. If the problem persists, contact iCleanse.


The unit does not power on
Step 1. Check to make sure the power cord is fully seated in the receptacle on the back of the Swift Unit.
Step 2 Check and replace fuses at the power cord connection point.


Unexpected display or control panel behavior
Cycle the power switch off/on.


Soft-close drawer slides are in the incorrect position
Your Swift unit is equipped with soft-close drawer slides that can potentially move during shipment. If they are not in the correct position, pull the slide towards the front of the unit and rotate the inner mechanism to the left until it clicks into place. Watch a video tutorial here.